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Archive for March, 2009

Panglao Beaches

The pristine beaches in Panglao (Bohol, Philippines) boast of its powdery white sand and blue clear water that will surely knock you off your feet. There now exists a variety of resorts in Panglao and nearby town, Dauis where you can spend your time in the beach as long as you want. The long shore of the sea invites you to stroll around and just enjoy the view or you can dip your bodies immediately into the seawater. The beautiful sunset view when you are in the beach will captivate your senses. There are variety of fun activities in Panglao: diving, snorkeling, sun-bathing, enjoying a picnic and many more.

Panglao Beach

Panglao Island is the site of Habitat for Humanity’s “Tabalong Habitat Village”. It is 18 kilometers from Tagbilaran city. It has ten barangays; Doljo Beach, Napaling and Puntod have the deepest sites and the stronger currents.  It is believed that the name Panglao came from the dialect term ‘mapanglao’ which literally means lonely or sad. It is also one of the old towns of Bohol.

Sagbayan Peak

Sagbayan Peak Children's Playground

Sagbayan Peak Children's Playground

The Chocolate Hills stretch beyond the town of Carmen; Sagbayan shares a part as well. The Sagbayan Peak offers a playground for kids, a restaurant, a butterfly garden, a 360-degrees view of the hills, statues disney characters to take pictures with, and a mini-park. It has offered services to  countless tourists for over seven years and is still actively building constructions like a chapel, a monument, and maybe in a few years time, a hotel where people can spend their night in the hills. Sagbayan is 76 kilometers away from Tagbilaran city. It has twenty-four barangays.

Man-made Forest

While heading to the famous Chocolate Hills, you’ll pass through a thick cold forest that is man-made. This trees that have rooted in the forest for almost fifty years or so were manually planted by local volunteers and even students. The cool air that the trees breathe out is enjoyed by tourists while gazing at the beautiful green nature of this forest that takes you to momentary illusions of being in the middle of the forest but still seated on your car or bus.

Man-made Forest

Man-made Forest

The existing forest is the successful outcome of a 1960 nationwide reforestation program under the administration of the then president Diosdado Macapagal. Thousands of mahogany seedlings were planted in the 857.4 hectare land. Up to this day, the Bilar Manmade Forest is preserved by the government since it is becoming of a tourist spot as well.

Prony, the Python

Prony is the famous python that lives in the town of Alburquerque. It has grown to more than ten feet and is being taken care of by her dedicated caretaker who found her stray in the forest and took her home. The caretaker tried to return the python in to the forest and yet, it returned to her and from then on, people have been waiting in line to see this famous python.

Prony, with one of the hundreds of tourists who visits her everyday.

Prony, with one of the hundreds of tourists who visits her everyday.

Every now and then, the python sheds of its skin and this skin is utilized to make greeting cards that are also patronized by visitors and tourists.

Prony celebrates her birthday every 21st day of October.

Baclayon Church

Baclayon Church is the oldest church in the province and up to this day, exhibits the beauty of the Catholics’ sturdy stone churches. It is also one of the oldest churches in the country and among the best preserved churches built by the Jesuit priests. The Patron of the town of Baclayon is The Immaculate Concepcion of The Blessed Virgin Mary thus, celebrating the town fiesta every 8th of December every year. On the left wing of the church is an old convent that also houses the Baclayon Museum which exhibits copies of old chants, priests’ mass robes and antique statues.


The town’s origin of the name was believed by the locals to have derived from the dialect term “baclay” which means walk thus “baclayon” means to walk. Since the town is just a walking distance from the busier city of Tagbilaran, people are used to walking great distances when the conveniences of automobiles did not yet exist. Baclayon is 6 kilometers east of Tagbilaran city.

Blood Compact

The pact of peace and friendship between two countries is found first in Bohol – the Blood Compact. Two leaders sealed with their blood this agreement and have been known to us new generations since then- Miguel Lopez de Legazpi from Spain and Datu Sikatuna from Bohol. This significant turn of history is annually celebrated by Boholanos with the Sandugo Festival which is a major event every year. It includes streetdancing, Miss Sandugo beauty pageant, and live entertainment by the bay of Tagbilaran city.

blood compact

The historical site is found in Bool, Tagbilaran city. However, speculation recently arose that the authentic spot of this First Treaty of Friendship is in the town of Loay. It reasoned that ancient artifacts were misinterpreted. The town of Loay also erected a monument and celebrated its first commemoration on March 24, 2008. As to what the real spot is, tourists frequently visit both monuments.

Loboc River

The Loboc River boosts of its peaceful body of water so green and deep that it is sometimes called the little and ‘safe’ version of the Amazon River. You can enjoy the serenity of the river by riding on to the Loboc Floating Restaurant while enjoying a festive meal, songs, dance and breathtaking view of the forest nearby. at the end of river, there can be found the Busai Falls where you can dip your tiresome bodies for a fresh bath in the river. Recently, there has been constructed new buildings by the riverbank to accommodate tourists who want to spend their night in Loboc.

The Loboc River is not just the town’s pride. Across the street is the Church of San Pedro which is the second oldest church in Bohol. Attached to the church is three-storey convent which houses the Museo de Loboc in the third floor. Old artifacts and saints’ statues can be found in the museum since the Spanish era. Here in this church also is where the young voices of the Loboc Children’s Choir were nurtured by the school teachers, priests and the locals. This choir has performed in concerts all over Philippines and abroad. It has won the first prize in the Children’s Choir Category during the Europe and its Songs Festival 2003 held in Barcelona, Spain in September 17 – 21, 2003. at the same time, the choir grabbed the The Europe and its Songs 2003 Cup “for having achieved the overall highest mark in all categories, surpassing the marks of twelve other international choirs.”

A Tarsier Sanctuary can also be found in Loboc where the smallest primate in the world can be found; the tarsiers. This primate has been endangered into extinction and is under the community’s constant guard.