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Archive for the ‘Region VIII’ Category

Hotel Don Felipe

Iñaki A. Larrazabal Blvd. Ormoc City, Leyte
Tel : +63 (053) 255-3850 / Fax : +63 (053) 255-4306
Email :

Festivals In Maasin City

Sakay-sakay Festival

Fluvial Parade in honor of Sr. Sto. Niño w/ street dancing and merrymaking.

National Arts Month Celebration

A celebration of Culture & Arts thru programs and contests

Pabulhon Festival & City Fiesta

A two week long festivities and music w/ street dancing portraying the local culture and arts of Maasin City in celebration of cooperativism of the people during planting & harvest of palay. Celebrated on city charter day and city fiesta

Palaro ng Lahi

A week long city employees week sports & talents competitions where local games sports are confested

Parol Festival

A festival of Christmas decorative stars of local materials. A yearly activities that starts on the 3rd week and ends on the 2nd week of the following month.

Pension/Lodging House In Maasin City

Ampil Pensionne House
Abgao, Maasin City
Tel. No. (053) 570-8084

DW Pensionne
Abgao, Maasin City
Tel. No. (053) 381-3336

Espa Lodging House

Ibarra, Maasin City
Tel. No. (053) 381-2289

Floi-Quin Pension & Cafe
Tagnipa, Maasin City
Tel. No. (053) 570-8896

Gloria Beach Resort

Ibarra, Maasin City
Tel. No. (053) 381-4269

GV Pensionne

Abgao, Maasin City
Tel. No. (053) 570-8481

Maasin Country Lodge
Mambajao, Maasin City
Tel. No. (053) 381-2120

Souther Comfort Pensionne
Abgao, Maasin City
Tel. No. (053) 570-9878

Where To Dine In Maasin City

Alegria’s Ocean View
Mantahn, Maasin City
Tel. No, (053) 570-8656

Hobie’s Fastfood
Tunga2x, Maasin City
Tel. No. (053) 381-3947

Kinamot Abgao
Abgao, Maasin City
Te. No. (053) 381-3878

Kyle’s Restaurant
Tunga2x, Maasin City
Tel. No. (053) 570-9936

Superchow Garden Cafe
Asuncion, Maasin City
Tel. No. (053) 570-8146

Valtevian Restaurant
Tunga2x, Maasin City
Tel. No. (053) 381-2476

Vhan’s Crispy Chicken
Tagnipa, Maasin City

City of Maasin

Legend has it that Ferdinand Magellan on his way from Limasawa to Cebu in 1521 dropped by Canturing and Combado rivers for fresh water supply. His men found the taste of the water salty, thus the name MAASIN. The Jesuits founded the Maasin settlement in 1700. It became a town in 1755, part of the Leyte province. When Southern Leyte was created in 1960, Maasin was made the provincial capital and seat of the lone congressional district. Maasin was elevated to city status on August 10, 2000 by virtue of RA 8796, ratified overwhelming by Maasinhons in a plebiscite. The first city mayor and incumbent chief executive is Damian G. Mercado.

No. of Barangays: 70
Land Area: 266.78 sq. kms.
Population: 85,000
Religion: Predominatly Catholic
Dialect: Cebuano
Feastday: August 15
Patrones: Our Lady of The Assuption
City Charter Day: August 10

Getting to Maasin
Maasin City can be reaches from Cebu City thru nightly inter-island overnight boat trips. The fastest and most convenient is by two-hour Tacloban-Sogod-Maasin route. Air-conditioned vans, multi-cabs, pedicabs and motorcabs complement ordinary buses and jeepneys as modes of transportation for Maasinhons. A multi-million, ultra modern bus terminal cum market, mall, recreation, arts and culture center of the latest design is the flagship project of City Mayor Damian G. Mercado.

Festivals In Southern Leyte

  • Pagkamugna Festival (Maasin City) – Celebrated every 1st of July, the Pagkamugna Festival remebers the founding of the province of Southern Leyte on July 1960. Grand civic parade, agri-aqua and food fair, live concerts, motocross and the prestigious search for Southern Leyte highlight this festivity.
  • Pabulhon Festival (Maasin City) – A grand display of Maasin City’s agricultural abundance. The main attraction of the Pabulhon Festival which opens on city’s charter day (August 10) and usually last after the celebration on August 15. The festival also showcases Cook contests, boat race, pig catching and many more local games.
  • Karomata Festival (Buenavista, Pintuyan) – A cultural celebration depicting the role of the farmers and way of life. Other highlights include poster-making, house decoration contest and children’s contests. Its main event is the Karomata Race. It is held during the fiesta of Barangay Buenavista Pintuyan every 3rd to 5th of April
  • Tangka-Tangka Festival (Tangka-an, Padre Burgos) – Celebrated together with the fiesta of Barangay Tangka-an every 26th to 28th of August, It includes fun games, outdoor activities (rapelling and ascending). It culminates a beach jam party at the very popular Tangka-an beach. Tangka means “attempt”. The beach has the best view of Limasawa Island.
  • Manha-on Festival (Macrohon) – A cultural presentation in form of dances and cheers accompanied by drums and beats from improvised bamboo percussion instrument. It depicts how the Municipality of Macrohon (Manha-on) got its name. It is every 2 of September coinciding with the town fiesta.

Historical Sites And Landmarks In Southern Leyte

  • Provincial Capitol Building/ Sunken Garden and Mini Forest (Southern Leyte Provincial Capitol, Asuncion, Maasin City) – this government edifice is a reflection of Southern Leyte’s sovereignty as a province. This was completed in June 1972 under the administration of Governor Salvacion Yñuquez.
  • First Mass Shrine (Magallanes, Limasawa Island) – Built on the very site of the first Christian mass in the Orient which was held on March 31, 1521 by Spanish priest, Fr. Pedro de Valderamma, this historical and religious site has become one of the visited spots in Southern Leyte.
  • First Cross (Magallanes, Limasawa Island) – Retrace the historic footsteps of Ferdinand Magellan over the white beach, up to the 450 steps to where a replica of the cross the Spaniards planted on that fateful day in 1521.
  • Shrine of the Holy Eucharist (Magallanes, Limasawa Island) – Declared as a Holy Shrine by the Catholic Church, this new religious site manifests the significance of the First Mass in our Christian life. It also serves as the church of the Limasawa Parish.
  • Our Lady of the Assumption Shrine (Jalleca Hills, Mantahan, Maasin City) – Believed to be a project that started as a dream, the Our Lady of the Assumption in the Jalleca Hills gives a perfect view of the city’s business district and lush nearby hills. The freestanding statue can be viewed perfectly from port of Maasin.
  • Saint Francis Xavier Pilgrimage Site (Hanginan, Maasin City) – Hanginan is a traditional pilgrimage site of most Maasinhons especially during the Lenten season. The one-hour hike to Hanginan might be tiring but would later be paid off after you receive the blessing from Saint Francis Xavier and after a cup of “kapeng binukbok” coupled with Hanginan’s famed bibingka (baked or steamed)
  • Monte Cueva (Rizal, Maasin City) – A chapel-sized bulit inside a cave located on the top of a hill. A few hikes above it is a statue of the Our Lady of Assumption overlooking the heart of the city.
  • Libagon Municipal Hall (Libagon) – This centuries-old well preserved structure gives a glimpse of our rich heritage.