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Captivating Camiguin

The island of Camiguin is said to be “born of fire,” pertaining to the seven volcanos located on this 238 sq. km. patch of land sits across the provinces of Misamis Oriental and Cagayan de Oro. In 1953, Mt. Hibok-Hin=bok erupted violently enough to spew bith lava and land that later cooled down to form an extended part of the province. A circumferential raod now runs through the entire land, embracing the parts that created the “underwater cemetery” and forming underwater canyons now inhabited by a wealth of marine life.

Camiguin is an island where nature runs aplenty. It boasts an impressive list of tourist attractions and activities, and it is an inviting escape for a nature lover who can escape for a nature lover who can trek to waterfalls, bike to springs (hot and cold), lounge on a sand bar, dive, climb, and just breathe in the fresh mountain air.

The entire island is inhabited by about 80,000 people, and it takes just one and a half hours to go around the island on a well-paved road that takes you from architectural relics rife with history to lush clearings facing the open sea. Small and developed just enough to be comfortable, Camiguin could very well be the perfect island to travel to for a few days of adventure and exploration.

How to Get There

Camiguin is accessible by plane, but only if you’re leaving from Cebu. SEAir files direct to Camiguin three times a week. Planes to Camiguin are 14-seaters, and the flight takes only 30 minutes.

Most people get to Camiguin by land and sea travel. Slow boats leave from Cebu and travel overnight. Another option is take a hired van or bus from Cagayan de Oro city to Misamis Oriental, where you can take a ferry to Camiguin. Leaving from Cagayan de Oro City takes three hours to get to Camiguin. Ferries from Misamis Oriental leave hourly.

How to Get Around

Getting around the 64-kilometer circumferential road of Camiguin is easiest by hiring a van and driver from the resort you are staying in. Motorcycles for hire, called habal-habal, are another way of exploring the island.

You can opt to get a motorcycle driver to show you around, or you can hire the motorcycle for P200/day, fuel not included. Getting hold of a bicycle is another great way to get around.

Camiguin has five towns, with Brgy. Mambajao as its capital and main center of commerce. Banks, a market, the airport, and small shops are located in Mambajao.

Tourists Attractions in Camiguin

White Island – an uninhabited strip of white sand just a few kilometers away from Camiguin. It’s best to go early in the morning as there is little shade on this solitary islet. Mostly everybody makes their way to this sand strip instead.

Katibawasan Falls – a resplendent 60 meter waterfall, with a pool good for lounging around nature.

Ardent Hot Springs – this natural hot tub is more defined by the activities that go on around it. The hot spring itself encompasses only a small area while its surroundings plays host to concerts, cookouts, and campouts. A resort sits beside it.

Mount Hibok-Hinok – it is the tallest mountain in the province. It remains as one of Camiguin’s active volcanoes.

Sto. Niño Cold Springs – a bubbling pool of refreshing water that draws in crowds beacuse of the commercial setuo around it (karaoke joint, shops, and resorts).

Underwater Cemetery – a highlight of Camiguin, this cemetery became a watery graveyard in 1871 when the Old Volcano on the island erupted and changed the landscape. A white cross juts out from the sea, a mere replica of the original that is actually farther out and completely submerged.

Moro Watchtower – a former lookout point for Muslim crusaders who reportedly invaded Camiguin repeatedly to take its women. the watchtower was more massive in size, as women and children took refuge there while the men battled against the pirates. Now only a small section is left as a huge part of the watchtower was torn down to make way for the school that now surrounds the relic.

Enigma Art Gallery – this eclectic, eccentric art gallery cum guesthouse adds much character to the island. Filled with curios fashioned from the most improbable materials, this art house is a veritable gathering place for the creative energies that run through the island.

Soda Water – pool filled with fresh, clean, sparkling water. The Soda Water pool is surrounded by mountains and is a refreshing stop that’s cut away from the main road.

Mantigue Island – a four hectare white sand islet with a forest in the middle. It is four kilometers away from Barangay Mahinog, a popular dive spot.

Lanzones Festival

Lanzones Festival
Third week of October
Mambajao, Camiguin

The round, white, sweet fruit known as the lanzones is harvested aplenty in this part of the country, and as a sign of thanksgiving, a parade that highlights the lanzones is held in celebration. Dancers, floats and everything else are adorned with the lanzones on this day.