For first time visitors to this site, you may not find directly what you are looking for at the frontpage. So here are some tips to make your stay at the site more convenient and fruitful.


Philippine Wonders only displays the 5 latest posts at the home page. In order to view the old posts, you can click the PREVIOUS ENTRIES HERE link, one located right above the first post and the other at the below the last post in the site’s home page.

Philippine Wonders

2. Use Read the rest of this entry » link

Some posts contains several paragraphs, that is why to keep the homepage tidy, we only display the first few paragraphs of the original post and the remaining paragraphs will appear by clicking the Read the rest of this entry » link.

Philippine Wonders

3. Use the Categories

While browsing the site, it would be useful if you will try to use the Categories link at the right side of the screen. This would display related posts under the category. AND DONT FORGET TO CLICK THE PREVIOUS ENTRIES LINK.

Philippine Wonders

4. The Title is a Link

The Title of a post in the frontpage, previous entries page, categories page etc is a link to the whole post. By clicking on the TITLE, you will be taken to the post page where you can view the whole content of the post, including images and other resources.

5. Use Search

One of the quickest way to find an information at Philippine Wonders is to use the site Search. By inputting specific terms related to the information you are looking, the site will display posts containing the search word. AND DONT FORGET TO CLICK THE PREVIOUS ENTRIES LINK, for older entries related to the search keyword.

5. Use the Related Tags

For related information to a given post, you can click on the related posts located below the post. This way you can obtain more information about certain topics.

6. Use the Archives

The Archives displays  a link to the posts made in a given month. By clicking on any given month, the posts made during that month will be displayed in the site. AND DONT FORGET TO CLICK THE PREVIOUS ENTRIES LINK.

7. Share and Save

Promote the site! By clicking on the Share/Save link, you will be given several options on how to promote the site like bookmarking, email etc.

Philippine Wonders

8. Leave/View Comments

Leave comments in the site. This way readers will know about what you think and what you feel about the site. You can ask questions also. No offensive messages allowed. No spamming please.