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Posts Tagged ‘Southern Leyte’

Plain Schedule In Southern Leyte (Tacloban, Manila)

Philippine Airlines
Tacloban Branch
Flight Schedule
PR 191 Leaves Manila 6:00 AM Daily
PR 193 Leaves Manila 1:30 PM Daily
PR 392 Leaves Manila 10:00 AM Daily
PR 192 Leaves Tacloban 8:05 AM Daily
PR 194 Leaves Tacloban 3:35 PM Daily
PR 391 Leaves Tacloban 12:05 PM Sunday

Cebu Pacific
Tacloban Branch
Flight Schedule
5J-651 Leaves Manila 6:10 AM Daily
5J-655 Leaves Manila 12:40 PM Daily
5J-652 Leaves Tacloban 8:00 AM Daily
5J-655 Leaves Tacloban 2:10 PM Daily

Boat Schedule In Southern Leyte (Maasin,Cebu,Bato,Hilongos,Liloan,Surigao,Ubay Bohol)

Cokaliong Shipping Lines
Route: Maasin-Cebu
S-W-F (Evening Voyage)
Every Tuesday (Day Trip)
Route: Cebu-Maasin
M-T-Th-F (7:00 PM)
Every Sunday (12:00 NN)

Kinswell Shipping Lines
Route: Bato-Cebu 8:00 AM Daily
Route: Cebu-Bato 5:30 PM Daily

Ocean Jet Fast Ferry
Route: Hilongos-Cebu 6:00 AM Daily
Route: Cebu-Hilongos 5:30 PM Daily

Ferry Boat
Route: Liloan-Surigao 6:00 AM/ 9:00 AM/ 5:00 PM/ 7:00 PM/ 11:00 PM Daily
Route: Surigao-Liloan 5:00 AM/10:00 AM/ 12:00 NN/ 4:00 PM/ 5:00 PM Daily

Route: Bato-Ubay 9:AM Daily
Route: Maasin-Ubay 9:00 AM Tuesday/Thursday/Sunday
Route: Ubay-Maasin 10:00 AM Monday/Wednesday/Saturday
Route: Ubay-Bato 9:00 AM Daily

Note: Schedules are subject to change without prior notice.

Festivals In Southern Leyte

  • Pagkamugna Festival (Maasin City) – Celebrated every 1st of July, the Pagkamugna Festival remebers the founding of the province of Southern Leyte on July 1960. Grand civic parade, agri-aqua and food fair, live concerts, motocross and the prestigious search for Southern Leyte highlight this festivity.
  • Pabulhon Festival (Maasin City) – A grand display of Maasin City’s agricultural abundance. The main attraction of the Pabulhon Festival which opens on city’s charter day (August 10) and usually last after the celebration on August 15. The festival also showcases Cook contests, boat race, pig catching and many more local games.
  • Karomata Festival (Buenavista, Pintuyan) – A cultural celebration depicting the role of the farmers and way of life. Other highlights include poster-making, house decoration contest and children’s contests. Its main event is the Karomata Race. It is held during the fiesta of Barangay Buenavista Pintuyan every 3rd to 5th of April
  • Tangka-Tangka Festival (Tangka-an, Padre Burgos) – Celebrated together with the fiesta of Barangay Tangka-an every 26th to 28th of August, It includes fun games, outdoor activities (rapelling and ascending). It culminates a beach jam party at the very popular Tangka-an beach. Tangka means “attempt”. The beach has the best view of Limasawa Island.
  • Manha-on Festival (Macrohon) – A cultural presentation in form of dances and cheers accompanied by drums and beats from improvised bamboo percussion instrument. It depicts how the Municipality of Macrohon (Manha-on) got its name. It is every 2 of September coinciding with the town fiesta.

Historical Sites And Landmarks In Southern Leyte

  • Provincial Capitol Building/ Sunken Garden and Mini Forest (Southern Leyte Provincial Capitol, Asuncion, Maasin City) – this government edifice is a reflection of Southern Leyte’s sovereignty as a province. This was completed in June 1972 under the administration of Governor Salvacion Yñuquez.
  • First Mass Shrine (Magallanes, Limasawa Island) – Built on the very site of the first Christian mass in the Orient which was held on March 31, 1521 by Spanish priest, Fr. Pedro de Valderamma, this historical and religious site has become one of the visited spots in Southern Leyte.
  • First Cross (Magallanes, Limasawa Island) – Retrace the historic footsteps of Ferdinand Magellan over the white beach, up to the 450 steps to where a replica of the cross the Spaniards planted on that fateful day in 1521.
  • Shrine of the Holy Eucharist (Magallanes, Limasawa Island) – Declared as a Holy Shrine by the Catholic Church, this new religious site manifests the significance of the First Mass in our Christian life. It also serves as the church of the Limasawa Parish.
  • Our Lady of the Assumption Shrine (Jalleca Hills, Mantahan, Maasin City) – Believed to be a project that started as a dream, the Our Lady of the Assumption in the Jalleca Hills gives a perfect view of the city’s business district and lush nearby hills. The freestanding statue can be viewed perfectly from port of Maasin.
  • Saint Francis Xavier Pilgrimage Site (Hanginan, Maasin City) – Hanginan is a traditional pilgrimage site of most Maasinhons especially during the Lenten season. The one-hour hike to Hanginan might be tiring but would later be paid off after you receive the blessing from Saint Francis Xavier and after a cup of “kapeng binukbok” coupled with Hanginan’s famed bibingka (baked or steamed)
  • Monte Cueva (Rizal, Maasin City) – A chapel-sized bulit inside a cave located on the top of a hill. A few hikes above it is a statue of the Our Lady of Assumption overlooking the heart of the city.
  • Libagon Municipal Hall (Libagon) – This centuries-old well preserved structure gives a glimpse of our rich heritage.

Churches In Southern Leyte

  • Our Lady of the Assumption Cathedral (Maasin City) – A 17th century Church dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary Assumed into Heaven, the Maasin Cathedral is one of the finest works in the field of architecture that constantly reminds us of our colorful yet revolutionary past, Enshrined at the left wing of the cathedral is the miraculous statue of the patroness of Maasin.
  • Santo Niño Parish Church (Malitbog) – Being one of the oldest structures in the province, It holds a significant place in Southern Leyte’s architectural history. The facade is suggestive of simple but unique design that is skillfully incorporated for its celling painted with religious motifs as the pulpit gives a very impressive atmosphere.
  • San Juan Church (San Juan) – This century- old edifice, one of the oldest in Southern Leyte is built in honor of the town’s patron saint, John the Baptist, its magnificient architecture proves the artistic and ingenuity of our forefathers

Southern Leyte Eco Adventure

Eco-tourism is becoming more prompting Southern Leyte to open up its frontiers. Southern Leyte is just perfect place for those who seek extraordinary exploration. Discovering awe-inspiring caves, majestic water falls and volcano crater lakes, whale shark and bat watching are among the best that Southern Leyte could offer.

  • Cambaro Caves (Cambaro Macrohon) –  Jaw-dropping and unique speleothems,  roc formations, cave corals and many more, Explore the more than 100 caves where most of them are world-class in nature.
  • Uwan-uwanan Gorge (Kawayan, Libagon) – This is one of a kind. A combination of waterfalls, pools, rock formations, jurassic passages, Considered a world-class adventure by outdoor enthusiasts.
  • Lake Danao (San Juan/Anahawan) Nestled at the top of Mt. Cabali-an, this crater lake creates a very soothing electrifying ambiance reflecting the peaceful sky above and the tranquil underwater world below.
  • Bosong-bosong Valley Spring (Mapgap, Tomas Oppus) Situated secretly in a valley, this newly developed grove is surrounded with fertile follage coupled with relaxing scenery. Its cool and tempting waters gives out visitors a refreshing experience distant from frenzied activities of a city life. A two-hour trek takes you to Tinugpahan Falls.
  • Cagnituan Cave and Falls (Cagnituan, Maasin City) One of the most visited spots in the province because of its fresh and crisp subterranean river leading to its enchanting cave rich with amazing stalactite and stalagmite formations.
  • Twin Island (San Pedro and San Pablo, Hinunangan) The white sand beach and healthy blow of relaxing breeze make the awesome Twin islands hard to ignore
  • Malitbog Sinulog Festival (Malitbog) Like the Sinulog celebrated throughout in the country, it is a street dancing contest honoring the Feast of the Holy Child held every January. The winner is a constant finalist in the Sinulog Mardi Gras in Cebu.

What To Do
In Southern Leyte, you don’t need to ask what to do. The question that you should ask is “which one to do first?”

  • Eco-adventure – Rediscover Southern Leyte’s pristine beauty. A wide array of activities can make your day remaskable unusual – from a simple trek to a more adventurous mountain climbing, world-class caving and gorge climbing, river trekking and more…
  • Dive Southern Leyte – Southern Leyte’s dive sites are among the best there is.
  • Rejuvenate – Our white sand beaches connect you to world of relaxation. You would just forget all those worries and annoying concerns.
  • Pilgrimage –  Journey back to the history of our faith from the First Mass to the different Holy Shrines that reminds us of our religious beginning.

Southern Leyte

The picturesque landscapes of Southern Leyte blend with straddling fad of modernization, Situated in a excellent geographical location, the province which holds long mountain ranges, virgin forests, awe-inspiring caves and caverns, majestic waterfalls, white-sand beaches, rich marine resources, agricultural abundance, exotic floras and faunas and beautiful islands including the historic island of Limasawa: site of the First Christian Mass in the country and the Orient, captures the harmony of nature and the hard work of the Southern Leyteños in a panorama of the province’s quest for heritage, cultural and ecological preservation.

Southern Leyte was formerly a part of its mother province, Leyte, until when it gained its recognition as province in 1960 under the Republic Act 2227. The province is composed of a city and 18 municipalities with Maasin City being the capital and the seat of the lone congressional district.

At present, Southern Leyte promotes its rich culture along with the many avenues that lying the adventurous spirit into this earthly paradise.

Economic Resources
Economic Products: Coconut, Rice, Bananas, Pineapple, Abaca, Lanzones, Watermelon, High Value Crops
Aqua cultural Products: Tilapia, Bangus, Squid, Seaweeds
Handicrafts: Abaca bags, Slippers (paragatos), Flower and fruit baskets, Ceramics, Sinamay
Manufactured Products: Processed foods, Bamboo and Wood Furniture
Mineral Products: Sand and Gravel
Homemade Delicacies: Bocarillo, Tres Marias, Nilambiran,
Wiri-wiri, Moron, Sortidos, Salbaro, Otap, Nilidgid, Ira-id, Tostados
Principal Exports: Abaca handicrafts, Copra

Language & Dialects
Although Boholano is the principal dialect in the province, Cebuano and Tagalog are still commonly spoken. Diversity in verbal accents is present in different areas in the province. Since the province is within the Leyte Island, one can still expect to hear the Waray-waray dialect among local tongues. English, on the other hand, is inevitably used as the second language.

Southern Leyte is best explored in the months of September up to May to experience the magic of its scenic beauty as the weather brings cool breeze and comfortably warm temperature. June to August is usually the months of habagat or southwest monsoon bringing inconsistent heavy rainfall.

Catholicism is practiced throughout the province. Minority sects include the Protestants, Baptists, Iglesia Ni Kristo, Philippine Independent Church (otherwise known as Aglipay) and Islam.

Getting There
There are three major gateways to get to Southern Leyte, namely Maasin City, Sogod, and Lilo-an. A soon to be finished national highway in the pacific side of the province will make Hinunangan the fourth gateway.

Visitors from Manila and from other parts of Luzon and Visayas can opt for the airlines via Tacloban, which is a 3-hour car or van travel to Maasin City or via Cebu and get to Southern Leyte on board a fast craft or a night ferry using the Hilongos and Bato route or a night ferry directly taking to Maasin City. Adventure seekers who wish to travel by land may take the Maharlika Highway which caters all land to and from Luzon.

Moving Around
+By Land
Jeepney and Multicab (fixed routes)
This famous Filipino commuter vehicle allows visitors to interact with locals as well as enjoy the scenic spots. Prices vary according to destination.
V-hire(L300 van, aircon; fixed routes)
Popular means of transportation when traveling within the province or to outlying areas. Enjoy the comfort of travel without the hassle.
Bus (fixed routes)
Bus lines offer quality services for the adventurous and not in a hurry visitor. Fares vary according to destinations.
Motorcab(motorcycle with side cars)
Conveniently available in all towns in the province for those short distance travels. Price is P6.00 per ride. Habal-habal (motorcycles with extended seat) With a maximum of four passengers per motorcycle, experience the thrill as you take the roller coaster ride when you visit the very remote up land area of the province. Price varies according to destinations.