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Tourists Attractions in Boracay

Boracay’s main draw is White Beach, over three kilometers of incomparable powdery fine white sand. If this isn’t enough to provide amusement or recreation, there are a few other places to check out in the island. Ask about the Shell Museum and the Tirol Museum, where you can gain a more informed understanding of Boracay. The Department of Tourism office located in D’Mall, Station 2 will be able to provide more options on what to see (open Mon-Fri, 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.)

Attractions in Cebu

Magellan’s Cross – is Cebu’s most popular tourist destination. Being the cradle of Christianity in the country, the kiosk behind the Sto. Niño Basilica in downtown Cebu enshrines the famed cross that made believers of the Filipinos. It is a historical landmark that serves as a reminder of the power and pervasiveness of the Catholic Church in the Philippines.
Still in downtown Cebu is Fort San Pedro, another historical landmark that showcases Spanish memorabilia left over from the Spanish colonial perion. It was once a bulwark of Spain’s power in Cebu. Today it serves as a vestige of past colonial command. Because the Spaniards were the most enduring colonizers in Philippine history, it is their influence that is most apparent in society.

Casa Gorordo – is a testament to Spanish cultural influence, being a museum of artifacts of old that have carried over into centuries of use and adoption. This house-turned-museum gives a glimpse of life during heavy Spanish influence. People are quickly realizing that Cebu’s best beaches are actually three hours away from Cebu City and are found in Bantayan and Malapascua islands. Both beachfronts still carry a virgin quality that appeals to many travelers, and so in recent years they have ironically been subjected to progress and development. Located north of Cebu, these neighboring paradise getaways have but a few resorts just yet, which nonetheless attract a bevy of beachcombers and vacationers.

Tourists Attractions in Camiguin

White Island – an uninhabited strip of white sand just a few kilometers away from Camiguin. It’s best to go early in the morning as there is little shade on this solitary islet. Mostly everybody makes their way to this sand strip instead.

Katibawasan Falls – a resplendent 60 meter waterfall, with a pool good for lounging around nature.

Ardent Hot Springs – this natural hot tub is more defined by the activities that go on around it. The hot spring itself encompasses only a small area while its surroundings plays host to concerts, cookouts, and campouts. A resort sits beside it.

Mount Hibok-Hinok – it is the tallest mountain in the province. It remains as one of Camiguin’s active volcanoes.

Sto. Niño Cold Springs – a bubbling pool of refreshing water that draws in crowds beacuse of the commercial setuo around it (karaoke joint, shops, and resorts).

Underwater Cemetery – a highlight of Camiguin, this cemetery became a watery graveyard in 1871 when the Old Volcano on the island erupted and changed the landscape. A white cross juts out from the sea, a mere replica of the original that is actually farther out and completely submerged.

Moro Watchtower – a former lookout point for Muslim crusaders who reportedly invaded Camiguin repeatedly to take its women. the watchtower was more massive in size, as women and children took refuge there while the men battled against the pirates. Now only a small section is left as a huge part of the watchtower was torn down to make way for the school that now surrounds the relic.

Enigma Art Gallery – this eclectic, eccentric art gallery cum guesthouse adds much character to the island. Filled with curios fashioned from the most improbable materials, this art house is a veritable gathering place for the creative energies that run through the island.

Soda Water – pool filled with fresh, clean, sparkling water. The Soda Water pool is surrounded by mountains and is a refreshing stop that’s cut away from the main road.

Mantigue Island – a four hectare white sand islet with a forest in the middle. It is four kilometers away from Barangay Mahinog, a popular dive spot.

Shopping Adventure In Davao

Splurge and indulge as you go shopping for various souvenir items, accessories, and decor items. Intricate T’nalak and Dagamay weaves: beaded T’boli ornaments: colorful Muslim Fabrics and batik in this city enriched with the cultural heritage of different ethnic tribes.

Wild Over Waling-Waling Flower Farm Tour

Be dazzled with Davao’s pride, the Waling-Waling (Vanda Sanderiana), as you visit vast orchid farms where the Waling-Waling and other hybrids like Vanda Straps, Vanda Sanderiana, Mokara, Phalaenopsis and other collectors items are propagated. From August to September, the slopes of these farms are carpeted in exotic fragile blooms.

Crocodile Park

While tourists still flock to the new Corcodile Park to view the popular Pangil, said to be the biggest captive crocodile in Mindanao by far. The Place is now teemed with interesting new characters apart from more crocodile breeders in thier new larger cages. There are the regular two huge, friendly pythons you can touch and together with your friends, carry on your shoulders if you’re brave enough. A variety of exotic birds are on display from parrots, hornbills, ostriches to eagles. Two new baby albino snakes are showcased in their attractive glowing yellow skin. Other popular exotic animals in their new shelters are the bearcats, iguanas, two playful orangutans, and big lizards. The park also hosts recreational and ecotourism sites such as Butterfly enclosure, Koi Pond and other fish nurseries, flower orchads, hatcheries, new raptor cages, huts and restaurants, perfect for a family’s one day.

Bohol beach Club Resort

Bohol beach Club Resort
(168 Rooms)
DOT: “AA” Resort
LGU: “AAA” Resort
Bolod, Panglao, Bohol
Tel No.
(038) 411-5222 to 23
(038) 411-5225
(038) 502-3222
(038) 502-9212 to 14
Fax No. (038) 411-5226
Toll Free:1800-1888-2227

Single Double
Standard US$ 77 US$ 82
Garden US$ 95 US$ 100
Superior Poolside US$ 115 US$ 120
Executive Suite US$ 200
Premier Suite US$ 275
Family Suite US$ 385
Extra US& 18
Additional person/bed
Additional px/bed for Standard room only


  • Aircon room with T&B and hot and cold shower
  • Dining room/Restaurant/Bar
  • Multi-purpose Hall/Convention facilities
  • Curio-souvenir shop
  • Sports/diving facilities

Offers the following services:

  • Business center-secretarial services, photocopying, facsimile machine, internet access
  • Laundry services and dry cleaning
  • Room service
  • Clinic/doctor on call
  • Airports transfers, car hire
  • Airline ticket reconfirmation
  • Tour information and city tour bookings through travel agencies
  • Gift shops featuring souvenir items, beach wear, fashion accessories and sundry items.